General Contact

If  you can’t find the contact details you require in the sections below, please contact the website via email at

Village Hall Bookings

Village hall booking may be made made at the village hall website at

Parish Council

Information and contact details for Croft on Tees Parish Council can be found on the Richmondshire District Council website by clicking here (opens in a new window).

The Parish Council has also recently started a Facebook page from where it should be possible to make contact.

Also there is a full list of contact details (emails and telephone numbers) posted on the Parish Council notice board in the Village Hall car park.

St. Peter’s Church

Contact details for the church are available by clicking here

The church also have a Facebook page

Croft Primary School

The school maintain their own website which can be viewed by clicking here

Croft Circuit

Croft Circuit have their own webpage which you can visit by clicking here.

They also have their own Facebook page

Clow Beck House

Clicking here will take you to Clow Beck House’s own website.

Croft Hotel

The Croft Hotel maintain their own website which you can see by clicking here

Clervaux Trust

The Clervaux Trust website can be found by clicking here