Want Better Broadband? Here’s how.

Many people in Croft are dissatisfied with their broadband service, because they have low speeds or frequent service drop-outs or both.

The fact is, we can’t improve this much, no matter which broadband provider we choose, until we have an upgrade to our telecoms infrastructure that allows us to get a fibre cable connection direct to our homes. The good news is that Croft has a plan!

We have formed the Croft-on-Tees Community Fibre Partnership to work with Openreach in order to do this infrastructure upgrade. Happily people in Croft qualify for a government voucher worth £1500 to pay for this work. All we need is enough people to make a commitment to taking an ultra-fast broadband service on completion and the upgrade is in the bag.

We have a list of people who are prepared to commit, and on Openreach’s initial estimate it looks like we are just about covered. However, there is a more exact estimate coming in a couple of weeks which could be higher, and, if you haven’t already said yes, this is where you come in.

If we can get more people to commit to taking ultra-fast broadband we’ll be home and dry.

So the key points again:

  • To get better broadband we need this upgrade.
  • If we have enough people signup, the upgrade will be free.
  • You only need to commit to taking ultra-fast broadband for one year and you can earn a £1500 voucher to help Croft to achieve this

For more detail access Frequently Asked Questions: http://croftontees.co.uk/want-better-broadband-faq/

Can you help yourselves and your community by saying yes?

Can you help yourselves and your community by saying yes?

To sign up contact Peter Sykes, peter@ryansykes.co.uk, with your name, address and telephone number.
by April 30th